Friday, July 8, 2011


Contemporary Glastonbury Festivals Information

Glastonbury Festivals is one of the largest contemporary festivals of performing arts. This festival compromise of music mainly and also there is lots more to experience. The festival is carried out on the picturesque valley of Somerset. This festival was carried out by a farmer Michael Eavis at the Worthy Farms since 1990. The valley is wide spread to a mile and a half long. The valley is surrounded by a fence, and inside the fence all the fun begins, unlike other festivals there is no such arena of entering the festival in a queue. The people present in the festival makes this a peculiar event. In this festival it is not expected by the visitors to be passive visitors coming for the intention with getting entertained, but they should also take part in the event by interacting with different people their and exploring the festival. In the Glastonbury Festivals there are approximately more than 1, 30,000 people present during the festival in which more than 45,000 people are from the performers and the staff members.

The events that take place in the Glastonbury Festivals are theatre, music, circus, kidz field, cabaret. The kids of the age groups below 12 years are admitted free. Here there are more than 700 stalls of pleasing variety of food, crafts and clothes; you can also have a glimpse of the mime art of grass cutting with nail scissors, also the delirious butler with his drinks in the tray. In the Glastonbury Festivals you can also get information about the how to improve your world around you and your life and also how to shop in vast markets.

Through this Glastonbury Festivals aims are raised for good causes in form of money, the three charities that get alms through this festival were WaterAid, Oxfam and Greenpeace. The aim for carrying out this festival is to create a positive world that could be a better place to live in. Until yet the festival acted as the support to, many good causes the chief beneficiary was during the cold war of CND. The three organizations mentioned above charities were profited by £500,000 in 1997 directly through this festival. From the festival of 2000 the amount was over £1M this was the 10% of the turnover from the festivals, that was non profitable. For spending the best time of your life Glastonbury Festivals is the perfect place. This festival is also considered as the mother of all festivals.

In this article of Glastonbury Festivals the author has discussed in brief about the one of the best world festival, what is this festival all about.

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